How to draw a pine tree step by step

How to draw a pine tree step by step


A pine tree is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. There are about 126 species of pine trees in the world. These trees are evergreen, so its beauty is maintained in every season.

And the beauty is further enhanced by snow falling on pine trees in the winter season. pinewood is widely used all over the world.

And if you or your kids are looking for a drawing of a pine tree, then follow (#2. pine tree drawing easy) tutorial below. Both tutorials are shown in a very simple way.

#1. Pine tree drawing

This step by step tutorial shows you how to draw a pine tree. Here the drawing is explained with a total of 5 steps. And each step is explained with examples.

how to draw a pine tree step by step
pine tree drawing


Step.1 First, draw a long triangular shape

Pine trees are somewhat triangular, so first draw a long triangle. If you want to make the pine tree drawing small, keep the triangle small, and if you want to make it long, draw the triangle longer. And draw the triangle very lightly because it has to be erased later.

Step.2 Draw the tree leaves and branches

pine tree line drawing

Now you need to draw the leaves and branches of the tree in the outline of the triangle. Lower branches of the pine tree are larger and the upper branches are smaller and lean slightly towards the ground. The top of the pine tree is narrow and the bottom is thick.

First, draw the left side of the pine tree, then draw the part on the right side. You can draw a vertical line through the middle of the tree so that the two sides are equal. It will look a bit like a zigzag shape. Then draw the bottom part of the tree.

Step.3 Now draw the trunk of the tree

pine tree line drawing

Draw two lines side by side from the middle of the bottom of the tree. This will be the trunk of the tree. And draw a horizontal line at the end of the trunk of the tree, which will be land.

Congratulations your pine tree line drawing is complete. Now if you want to color the pine tree then follow the next steps.


Step.4 color the tree leaves

simple pine tree drawing

Everyone knows that the leaves of the tree are green. But the young leaves of the tree are lighter in color than the old leaves.

So to give a nice realistic effect to the drawing, first paint the tops of the tree branches with light green.

Step.5 finish the tree drawing color

pine tree drawing

Now paint the empty parts of the tree with dark green color. You can use a black pen(pencil, marker) to highlight the drawing.

You can use anything you like to color the pine tree (colored pencils, paints, markers, etc…).


  • a4 paper
  • pencil
  • color
  • eraser

#2. How to draw a pine tree easy for kids

pine tree drawing easy

Step by step pine tree drawing in one image

how to draw a pine tree easy

Step.1 Draw the branches and leaves

pine tree line drawing

Step.2 Now draw the tree trunk

pine tree line drawing

Step.3 color the tree

pine tree drawing easy


Step.4 Add some details to the pine tree

How to draw a pine tree


This tutorial shows that even with a very basic easy drawing and simple color you can still end up with a very nice looking pine tree drawing.

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