How to draw a palm tree step by step

How to draw a palm tree step by step

The palm tree is one of the oldest and most beautiful plant species. They usually grow in warm climates. And Palm trees are also planted in home gardens as ornamental trees.

There are about 2,600 species of these palm trees in the world. Some of them are shown below with drawings of palm trees. 

The drawings of the palm tree shown below are called – 1coconut tree, 2.Pygmy Date Palm, 3.Chinese Fan Palm
how to draw a palm tree step by step

1.Chinese Fan Palm drawing

palm tree drawing realistic

2. Pygmy Date Palm drawing

Pygmy Date Palm drawing

3. coconut tree drawing

Some information about the coconut tree-The coconut tree is a member of the palm tree. It is one of the most useful trees in the world. And this tree is very easily seen around our house. The fruit of this tree is known as coconut. And below is a very simple drawing of a coconut tree.

We need to learn to draw coconut leaves before drawing a coconut tree. This will help us to draw a coconut tree.

How to draw a coconut tree leaf | palm tree leaf drawing step by step

Step.1 draw the leaf stem

Step.2  Now draw the leaves on the left of the leaf stem one by one

Step.3  Draw the leaves on the left side of the leaf stem

Step.4  Now draw the leaves on the right side of the leaf stem

palm tree leaf drawingStep.5 your drawing is almost done, just add some shadows to looks better

palm tree leaf drawing
*Congratulations, you have just learned how to draw palm leafs
Now time to learn, how to draw a palm tree


step by step palm tree drawing | coconut tree drawing

Step.1 Draw the tree trunk
You have to draw two curved lines to draw the trunk of the tree. And create the shape of the pipe, And create the shape of a pipe. The upper part of the stem will be narrow and the lower part will be thick
Step.2 Draw the palm leaf stem

After drawing the trunk of the tree, the leaves of the tree should be drawn. first, read the above step-by-step tutorial on how to draw coconut tree leaves. Then you follow the tutorial.

Draw 6-7 curved lines from the top of the tree trunk, Which will be the stems of the leaves. 3 lines left side and 3-4 lines are drawn to the right side. The leaves will lean towards the ground for gravitational forces

Step.3 Draw the palm leaves

Now draw the leaves one by one. You can easily draw this by looking at the picture below. If you want to color the drawing, draw very lightly with a pencil. Follow step number seven to color this drawing.

palm tree drawing outline
Step.4 Draw the other palm leaves
palm tree drawing easy
Step.5 complete the leaves drawing

simple palm tree drawing

Step.6 Some details add to the trunk of the tree-
congratulation has completed your palm tree drawing

palm tree drawing easy

Step.7 Now color the coconut tree (palm tree) drawing

We used pencil color to color the coconut tree. You can use other colors ( crayons, watercolor ). green color has been used to color the leaves. And brown color has been used to color the trunk of the tree.

You can use this coconut tree drawing in any scenery drawing

palm tree drawing color
  • Here are some more coconut tree drawing images (palm tree drawing)

coconut tree drawingpalm tree trunk drawing