How to draw a crescent moon

How to draw a crescent moon

Maybe I don’t have to tell you how beautiful the moon is. In our busy lives, we forget to look at the sky that we have a beautiful moon above us.

And you will get proof of how beautiful the full moon is if you look once. And the tide is due to the moon, due to which ships, boats can move.

We usually see two types of moon, one is full-moon and the other is a half-moon.

We have shown here how to draw the crescent moon and star. If you want to learn how to draw a crescent moon then follow this tutorial.

if you learn how to draw a full moon then follow this ( how to draw a moon ) tutorial.

How to draw a crescent moon step by step easy

  1. First, draw a circle
  2. Then draw another circle on the circle
  3. Erase extra parts
  4. Draw some stars to looks beautiful
  5. Draw some clouds
  6. color the crescent moon

This easy step-by-step tutorial shows you how to draw a crescent moon. Here the drawing is explained with a total of 6 steps. And each step is explained with examples and drawing images.

 how to draw a crescent moon drawing, moon drawing

Step.1 First draw a circle

First, draw a circle. Draw the circle larger so that it is easier to draw. You can use a round thing to draw a circle. Example-You take a large bowl and draw an outline with a pencil around it.

Or you can draw a circle in a simple way with a mathematical drawing compass.

Step.2 Draw 2nd circle

Then draw another circle on the circle. The two circles must be the same size and the circle should be slight to the right and slightly above.

Then you will see that two half-moons have formed on both sides. You erase the part on the right.

Step.3 Erase extra parts

After erasing the extra part you will get a half-moon. But drawing would not be beautiful if there was only a half-moon. You have to draw some stars with it.

Crescent moon drawing

Step.4 Draw some stars

Draw some stars around the moon to make the drawing beautiful. Each star will be of a different size. Because some stars are far away and some are near. So some stars get smaller and some stars get bigger.

Step.5 Draw some clouds

The sky is incomplete without clouds. And you can draw some clouds in the drawing to make the drawing more beautiful. You can easily draw clouds by looking at the picture given here.

Crescent moon drawing

Step.6 Congratulations you have just learned crescent moon drawing.

Your moon line drawing is complete. Now if you want to color this moon drawing then follow the next step.

Crescent moon drawing
crescent moon line drawing

Step.7 color the half-moon drawing

We using yellow color to color the moon and stars. You can color the stars with light blue color. We used a dark blue color to color the background of the drawing. To color the clouds you need gray color and black color.

how to draw a crescent moon
how to draw a crescent moon



This tutorial shows that even with a very basic line drawing and simple color you can still end up with a very nice looking crescent moon drawing. If you like this tutorial and would some more similar easy drawing tutorials check the following: