How to draw a carrot step by step
how to draw a carrot

How to draw a carrot step by step

In This short tutorial, I will teach you how to draw a carrot step-by-step using simple line drawings. This whole tutorial is shown step by step drawing very easy way for beginners.
Of all the vegetables, carrots are the easiest to draw. And by following this tutorial you will easily learn how to draw a carrot. The drawing is completed in just four steps and each step is explained with examples and pictures.

Step 1.First, draw the shape of the carrot

The lower part of the carrot shape is narrower and the upper part is wider. carrot is a root, its skin is not smooth. So the outline will be somewhat uneven.carrot line drawing

Step 2. Draw the carrot leaf stalk

Our main focus is to draw a carrot. so in this drawing, we will not draw carrot leaves but only draw leaf stalks so that the drawing looks more realistic and interesting.carrot drawing easy

Step 3. Finish the Line Drawing

Add some details to the carrot by drawing some small lines on the drawing. After draw these small lines, you will see that the carrot looks more realistic.
Your carrot line drawing is complete. Now if you want to color the drawing then follow step number 4.

carrot drawing easy

Step 4. Color the Carrot

You only need two colors to color the carrots.
2.light green
paint the carrot with an orange color and paint carrot leaf stalks with green color.
You can use any color you have to color the carrots,(crayons, watercolor, sketch pen, pencil color)

how to draw a carrot
how to draw a carrot


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