Watermelon drawing for kids | How to draw a watermelon

Watermelon is one of the largest fruits in the world. Did you know that watermelon is made up of 92% water? This means that a bite contains 92% water. And if you want to learn draw watermelon then follow the step by step tutorial below.
Through this post, we have tried to teach here how to draw watermelon in an easy way.

In this tutorial, we have shown step by step drawing of four types of watermelon. (1.watermelon small size slice drawing, 2.watermelon half of half slice drawing, 3.half watermelon drawing, 4.full watermelon drawing).

Scroll down the page to get what you want to read in these four sections. If you follow the tutorial until the end, you will learn to draw all kinds of watermelon. And we are sure that you will like this tutorial.


1.watermelon small size slice drawing

Shown below is how to draw a watermelon for kids step by step. Here are a total of five steps, and each step is explained with an image.

Step.1first, draw a triangle shape

When watermelon is cut into many parts, then the watermelon pieces look like a triangle. So first draw a triangle whose bottom line will be curved slightly downwards.

Step.2 Draw the skin of the watermelon

Draw another the curved line below the first curved line.


Step.3 Draw some seeds

Now draw some seeds in the middle of the watermelon. The seeds will look a bit like a Water drop shape

Step.4 Your line drawing is complete

Follow step5 if you want to color this Drawing.

watermelon line drawing

Step.5 color the watermelon

Usually, the color in the middle of the watermelon is red and the skin color of the watermelon is green. And the seeds are brown and black in color. First paint the top of the watermelon red Then paint the rest of the bottom green Paint the seeds black or brown.

You can border the drawing outline with a black marker

watermelon drawing for kids

Step by step tutorial in one image

How to draw watermelon

Drawing #2

How to draw half watermelon for kids

This step by step tutorial shows you how to draw a half watermelon. Here the drawing is explained using a total of 5 steps. And each step is explained with examples.

Step.1 Draw a wide semicircle.
Step.2 Draw another curved line into the first one
Step.4 Draw some seeds
watermelon drawing for kids
Step.5 Finish line drawing
watermelon line drawing for kids easy
Step.6 Color the watermelon
watermelon drawing for kids

congratulation your watermelon slice drawing is complete. And if you learn how to draw a round half cut watermelon easy drawing then read the next part (Drwaing#3) of this tutorial.

How to draw watermelon

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